Where You Can Buy Veronica's Wedding Dress From Riverdale's Season Two Premiere

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Riverdale has a lot of questions to answer as the second season unfolds: Who shot Fred Andrews? Does Jughead have an evil twin? And will Bughead’s relationship last?

You’ll have to wait for answers to most of those questions, but we went ahead and solved one mystery for you: the wedding dress Veronica is wearing in the season two premiere. (PS: Where do you even buy a wedding dress in Riverdale, where the only noteworthy retail establishment is Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe?)

Paparazzi photos from the Riverdale set and the season two trailer showed us enough of Veronica’s wedding dress that we were able to track down the exact style. Here are the on-set photos, if you need a reminder:



Veronica’s dress is the Taciana gown from Pronovias, which makes sense, since the Spanish design house’s U.S. flagship store is located in New York City, the city that the disgraced Veronica and Hermione Lodge were fleeing when they landed in Riverdale. Of course Ronnie would go back to her big-city roots to shop for a wedding dress. Pronovias’ wedding gowns are also carried at Kleinfeld, which is located in NYC as well. (Are you picturing Veronica’s Say Yes moment? Us too.)

Here’s a photo of the full dress:

PHOTO: Courtesy of the designer.

Given the dress’s intricate rear view, we’re kind of surprised that bride Veronica wore her hair down, but hey, it’s her day.

PHOTO: Courtesy of the designer.

If you’re a bride dreaming of your own Veronica Lodge moment, bad news: It seems Pronovias has discontinued the Taciana gown. (A link on their site redirects, and The Knot lists the dress as archived.) The good news is, Pronovias still has a bunch of very similar styles:

[Drapea]({: rel=nofollow}

PHOTO: Courtesy of the designer.


[Ofelia]({: rel=nofollow}

PHOTO: Courtesy of the designer.


PHOTO: Courtesy of the designer.


And the Taciana wedding dress is available on sites that sell used gowns, including Preowned Wedding Dresses and Sell My Wedding Dress. If you’re looking to copy Jughead and Archie’s wedding attire—formal vests, kilts, and ankle-tied dress shoes—you’re on your own.


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