24 Fun Things to Do with Kids (From Indoor Activities to Outdoor Fun)

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You’re at home with the kids, your spouse is at work and it’s a beautiful day outside but you have no clue what to do with the kids. You’ve already taken them to the park 4 times this week (and it’s only Wednesday) and you and the kids are both getting sick of it.

Or you’re home with the kids, your spouse is at work and it’s pouring rain outside and now the park isn’t even an option, so now what do you do?

Allow us to hopefully spark some new ideas to entertain your kids and you with in this list of fun things to do with kids:

Indoor ideas

1. Romp it up

Where I live, my city has a great kids program called Tot Romp. It’s a space at a local community centre where they set up toys, slides, games, and activities for the kids to play with. It’s a great way to get out of the house, play with new toys and meet new families. It costs a couple bucks each time you go so it’s a relatively low cost option.

Check your local community guide for times and locations.

2. Go for a stroll

While it’s super easy to go for a walk to the park, what about when it rains?

One of my favourite places to go in that case is the mall. It’s a great way to burn off some energy and do a little window shopping. Chances are it won’t be super busy if you go midday so you will probably feel more comfortable letting the kids just go.

As an added bonus, a lot of malls now have a children’s play space for your kids to climb around on.

3. MasterChef your house

You know there’s a Junior version for MasterChef? Well, why not involve your juniors in making a meal.

Lunches and dinners can seem like an endless task and a challenging one with the kids stuck inside. What better way to combat those problems than having your kids help? Sure it might get a little messy but it’s bound to create some great memories.

Thinking about what to make with your kids? Check out 40 Easy Recipes To Cook With Kids

4. Bake away

A great way to get your kids involved in the snacks they eat or help you with is any baking you need to do.

Added bonus – this can help with math skills as you measure out ingredients.

5. Get lost at the blue and yellow

IKEA is one of those places that can easily take up a whole day depending on how you do it. (And how many times you get lost).

If your kids are old enough, they can be dropped off in the kids play area and you can shop (or have a coffee and snack for an hour or so). And even if they aren’t old enough, they can still run around the showroom with you and then you can all grab a cheap bite to eat at the end of the day.

6. Make a me- I mean, paint

Put down an old table cloth (or one from the dollar store) and put your little one in the highchair, give them some child friendly paints and let them go!

Whether you use paper or not, sure it’d be a good time!

7. Future Olympian in training

Many communities are so great at providing things to do for families with kids that we often forget to use them as a resource.

Gymnastics is one of the best ways for kids to burn off A LOT of energy. It’s safe and fun for them to run and run for an hour or two. It’s often cheap – or free – so it’s worth seeing what your community has to offer.

8. Switch it up

With my kids, I’ve noticed that they often are so bored of seeing the same toys, same spaces and same games, so why not switch it up?

Take your kids to a friend’s place. This will give the kids new surroundings, new toys and new games to play with that will entertain them for a while.

You can even swap with friends so that one person isn’t always hosting. It gets your child out of the house and provides great social interaction, and hopefully a new friendship or two.

9. To grandmother’s house we go

Besides you, chances are that nobody loves your kids as much as their grandparents. We’ve heard it said that being a grandparent is all the fun of being a parent with none of the responsibility. While that’s mostly true, they’re still responsible for the kids when they have them, the fun part is definitely true.

My kids love their grandparents and they always have a blast with them so why not let them spend more time with them?

10. Go on a date

If you have multiple kids, it can be really hard to get one on one time with them.

A great idea is to go on a date with one kid each week. One week mom takes a kid out, next week dad takes a kid out until each parents has had a date with each kid, then start all over again.

This is a great way to slow things down or speed them up while getting to focus all your attention on just one kid.

Here’s a sweet video about a dad taking his daughter on the first date:

11. Kids cafe

This one is similar to the one above but I know in my area, there is a couple of cafes that have a designated play space for kids and great snacks for parents. They often run different events such as music classes which can be a great day out.

12. Train your little Michael Phelps

This one can be indoor or out, but the pool is a great option to burn off that excess energy and it’s super fun for everyone. Just don’t forget sunscreen if you’re outdoors.

And after, the kids will drop like a rock for a fantastic nap!

13. Treat yo self

This one is for those of you with girls. The spa is always a good time whether it’s just getting your nails done or going for a full spa day with massage and everything.

Either plan an at home spa day or treat your kiddo and go get the pros to do it. Personally, we like the home one better, you can make up facial scrubs or pick up masks from the dollar store, paint each other’s nails and eat yummy treats!

Outdoor ideas

14. Take me out to the ball game

Chances are it’s getting close to baseball season where you live. If you’re lucky, like I am in Vancouver, you may even have a professional or semi-professional team close by.

Take the family out to a ball game for the night. If you’re on a budget, go to the local park one evening and watch the kids play.

15. Catch some rays

Take the kids to the beach. With summer fast approaching, go visit it! It doesn’t even need to be summer for this, cloudy days mean it’s going to be less busy and give your kid more space to run and explore! Pack a picnic lunch and you’re basically set.

You can even check out these beach hacks before you head out to the beach with your kids.

16. Take a ride

One thing I love to do is go for local drives and find new places to explore. Doing this with the kids can be awesome!

Ask them what they see out the window, just make sure your destination has some space for kids to get their energy out!

17. Search out a new park

Do you have errands to run in a different part of the city? Google up the top playgrounds in the area and make that a pit stop after running your errands.

Who knows, it might just become a new favorite!

18. Farmers’ markets

You don’t need to be a farmer to attend a farmer’s market. Often times there are farmers markets or festivals that are free to attend and will have music and different performances. It’s a great way to check out different interests and businesses in your community!

And for your reference, take a look at America’s best farmers’ markets here.

19. Chalk it up

Chalk is great for a few reasons, it’s super cheap, fun for the kids and harmless on clothing.

You can pick it up from the dollar store (or make it yourself if you’re really ambitious, another thing to do with the kids) and head out your front door for some cheap fun!

You can have drawing contests, draw roads or play hop scotch. Don’t forget to bring out the kids toys to play on after or simply sit and play endless games of X’s & O’s. You can find even more ways to play with chalk here.

20. Go for a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great for kids. It gives them a task that they have to complete. If your kids are as determined as mine are, they will love it.

There are lots of free lists online or simply make your own before you leave. Head out for a walk and have your kids either gather the items on a list, take a picture or point them out to you. It puts a new spin on your ordinary walks.

21. Zoo-m off

If you have a zoo in your area, go spend the day there. If you don’t have a big zoo, maybe there’s a petting zoo close by. Pack a lunch for the day and head out!

Kids love animals and being able to walk around so much, this is a win-win situation.

22. Go chasing airplanes

One of the best dates I ever took my wife on was a trip to the airport late at night. We took a pickup truck, lots of blankets and pillow and laid in the bed watching airplanes land.

Chances are good that there is an airport near you, go spend an afternoon there. The kids can run around while you wait for any planes and then help count them, what colour are they, guess where they came from etc.

Tip – make sure you have ear protection for children that are really young!

23. Head to the great outdoors

Whether it’s in your backyard or out in the back country, camping was always a favourite memory of mine.

Getting out the tent and sleeping bags, and roasting marshmallows is a guaranteed good time for parents and kids!

Don’t miss these family camping tips to make camping safe and fun for everyone.

24. Fight the kids

Have a water fight! Kids love competition, especially if it’s against their parents. Find your inner child, get out your water gun and set teams, maybe even set up barriers and have a good old fashioned water fight.

We hope this list has given you a few new ideas to entertain both you and the kids.

This week choose one item from the list that you haven’t done before. No more using weather as an excuse either because we gave you indoor and outdoor ideas.

After you’ve done it, come back here and pick another one for the next week!

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