6 Reasons Why Infinity War Needed to Include Deadpool

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With a $250 million opening weekend domestically (and many more bucks racked in overseas), the three day weekend for Avengers: Infinity War topped out at $640 million dollars. Yes, you have read that correctly. That was just the first weekend folks. The film can have a severe drop-off on its second and third weekends and still beat many films on the Top Grossing Films list. Yet, as great as Avengers: Infinity War is and as well as it has done monetarily, there is something that could’ve made the proceedings better.


Yes, you read that correctly. Wade Wilson, that disfigured mutant with a sense of humor, might very well have pushed the first weekend domestic tally to $300 million. Now, you are probably going to point out that Deadpool has already been denied entry into The Avengers by none other than Tony Stark. And you would be right on this account. (Yes, I know that was a joke).

However, who could’ve foresaw the acquisition of Fox by Disney? As you may or may not know, Disney also owns Marvel. So the thought of Deadpool joining The Avengers isn’t entirely out of the question. And if in Deadpool 2 the ultimate outsider can join up with the X-Men, why would it be so hard to believe that he could play nice with The Avengers. Sure, there would be many clashes of ego, but if Star-Lord can do it than surely Deadpool can as well.

The following list attempts a minor reimagining of Avengers: Infinity War. Basically, we look at the themes and moments of that mega-hit and show how the addition of Deadpool could’ve enhanced the film. The idea is to imagine the effect that Deadpool might’ve had simply by being in the room. Ultimately this is a tongue and cheek look at Avengers: Infinity War. It does its best to keep up with the mocking tone that Deadpool does so well.

So sit back and get ready for 6 ways Deadpool might’ve made Infinity War better. The ideas, while seemingly crazy at first, ultimately take on life of their own. Deadpool is all about bombast. All about skirting the accepted norms of society. The Avengers are more proper and refined (well, maybe not the Hulk). So perhaps Deadpool and The Avengers, two cinematic juggernauts, might just be what the other needs?

Deadpool really ups the hot factor.

Deadpool Hot Factor

Okay, so without Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool you already have Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Captain America (Chris Evans), War Machine (Don Cheadle), and I’m just five names into the cast list. So, even without Reynolds, when you look at all the male/female talent in this film, it is very conceivable that Avengers: Infinity War is the hottest looking movie ever made. Deadpool though, is literally the X-Factor. There is something about Ryan Reynolds and his portrayal of this character that is almost otherworldly. Add to this all the quips, dialogue, and potentially other crossovers from the Deadpool franchise and one starts to see how the red and black one’s presence is truly a box office-boosting game changer.

Deadpool could’ve perfectly commented on that ending.

Deadpool Infinity War ending

Imagine that Thanos suddenly starts erasing half of humanity. To paraphrase the evil one, everybody is fair game. Now imagine throwing Deadpool into the moment. If he turns to dust one can only imagine what he might say. I’m sure it would’ve contained a few explicatives. Or, he might’ve said something like, “Wait a minute, this isn’t supposed to happen to one of the stars! Especially when you need my name to sell certain territories overseas!” One could also imagine what Deadpool might say if he didn’t dissolve away. “Gee, it sure sucks to lose to Spider-Man! Why did they have to take out Black Panther?” Or something like that. Whatever Deadpool did or didn’t say, having him make it a self-referential moment would’ve served to underscore the groundbreaking direction that directors Anthony and Joe Russo were allowed to go in.

Deadpool may have been able to stop Thanos.

Deadpool Stop Thanos

When Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) peers into the future, seeing all the outcomes of the Avengers eventual face-off with Thanos, the Strange one is only able to see one outcome in which The Avengers can beat him. One can presume that we will see this in The Avengers 4. Until we get to visualize that, one might wonder how Deadpool could’ve changed those numbers? First off, is it possible that Dr. Strange (with Deadpool now in the mix) might’ve seen more options than just the one? Is it possible that Deadpool, with his ability to heal from anything and his physical gifts, might’ve been able to thwart Thanos? Unlikely. At the same time, Deadpool is known for his ability to take nothing seriously. So why would he be thrown off by Thanos? Sure, Thanos has gifts that surpass just about everybody’s. At the same time, would it be so hard to imagine Deadpool landing enough punches or obtaining all the Infinity Stones to at least make this a fair fight? At least for a little while? It has been said that boxing is 90% mental and 10% physical. Deadpool has his mental game down. Imagine how powerful he could be if he was able to pop the bubble of invincibility around Thanos a little?

Imagine Deadpool’s take on the Footloose conversation.

Deadpool Footloose conversation

And all the other self-referential references that litter Avengers: Infinity War. One of the funniest asides in all of Avengers: Infinity War was the Footloose conversation. Spiderman (Tom Holland) loves it, so does Star-Lord. Star-Lord seems to like Footloose a whole lot more than anybody should. Before these two can really debate the merits of this 80s film, they realize they must get back to the business at hand which includes, you know, saving the universe. Avengers: Infinity War is littered with pop culture references. Deadpool loves nothing more than a good joke. It seems like he would’ve backed Star-Lord about Footloose. In fact, one could imagine the two of them ganging up on poor Spider-Man and Tony Stark would’ve probably had to have gotten involved. Just think about where that face off could’ve gone? This says nothing of how Deadpool might’ve reacted to such references as Aliens, Dr. Who, and lord knows what Deadpool might’ve said about Captain America’s Hamilton reference.

Deadpool’s Disney factor.

Disney Deadpool Factor

Deadpool is a being of infinite mockery. He truly seems to take nothing seriously. So, despite the smack he talked on Disney, imagine how much fun it would’ve been to have to actually see him in a Disney film? As you may recall, when it was announced that Disney was going to buy Fox, one of the first things Deadpool did was let it be known that he might really cozy up to Mickey Mouse. There was a tweet from Ryan Reynolds’ personal Twitter account in which he mentioned blowing the Matterhorn. But he IS Deadpool, right? After Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, said that Deadpool could remain R-rated that appeared to quiet things. Still, amidst Avengers: Infinity War one could only imagine how Deadpool might’ve poked fun at the proceedings. He probably wouldn’t have been too scared of Thanos. He would’ve laughed at the odds for victory given by Dr. Strange. And he probably would’ve out Starked Tony Stark. So, how would Deadpool have handled his new home at Disney, given that he could still be Deadpool? He probably would’ve handled it just fine. Joking, mocking and dissing the Mouse House all the way.

What if Deadpool had turned to Ash?

Deadpool Survive Infinity War

You think Wade Wilson would’ve gone gently into that good night? That he would’ve gotten melancholy as he disappeared? What made the ending of Avengers: Infinity War so harsh (and brilliant) was that it was SO harsh. Nobody thought that we would see so many important characters disappear. Now, imagine Deadpool turning to ash. Do you think he would’ve gotten all serious and weepy like Spider-Man? Do you think he would’ve been overcome by the moment? Heck no! Deadpool would’ve laughed at the whole thing. He wouldn’t have taken any part of this grand ending seriously. He would’ve laughed at people for caring about him. Sure, that probably would’ve taken away the docile feeling that we all felt at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. At the same time, losing a character like Deadpool would’ve been a major statement. And one thing we know, the “Merc with a mouth” is all about statements.


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