Andy Serkis Wants in on The Batman

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Andy Serkis may want in on The Batman. Matt Reeves has been attached to the DC movie for over a year now, taking over after Ben Affleck decided to exit the director’s chair. While there are still a great many uncertainties in relation to the standalone movie for the Caped Crusader, it will almost certainly happen at one point. We think. Assuming it does happen, Andy Serkis has expressed interest in taking on a role in the movie.

The actor recently was asked about his potential interest in The Batman. Matt Reeves directed both Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, so Andy Serkis has a longstanding and good creative relationship with him. With that in mind, the fact that Serkis is potentially down to participate in the Gotham city action shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Here’s what Serkis had to say about it.

“Oh, for sure! I mean, I’d go to the edge of the created universe with Matt [Reeves]. I mean, he’s the most brilliant director. I would work with anything with him again, y’know, I mean, I absolutely adore him and we’re very good friends, close friends, and I think he’s an extraordinary director so for sure.”

Though he is most closely associated with his brilliant motion capture work, be it as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies, Snoke in Star Wars or as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy, Andy Serkis is, in general, a brilliant actor. He’s also no stranger to the world of comic book movies, having appeared in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther as Ulysses Klaue. But having him jump into the world DC could present some very interesting opportunities.

Originally, when Ben Affleck was going to direct, Deathstroke was going to be the main villain in The Batman, with Joe Manganiello set to star. While he’s still attached to the role for a solo movie at least, there is no telling whether or not he’ll be included in Matt Reeves’ version. It’s also completely unclear as to whether or not Affleck is going to hang up the cape, as there has been a rumored back and forth of will he, won’t he for some time now. Most recently, a rumor surfaced that Affleck wants to keep going as the Dark Knight in the DCEU, but we’ll have to wait for some sort of official announcement.

As for who Andy Serkis could play? If we assume he would take on a villain role, there are tons of great possibilities. He could make a great Mad Hatter or, if they want to put his mo-cap skills to good use, maybe Clayface? He could also make an excellent Black Mask, but there were rumors that character was possibly being considered elsewhere in the DCEU. Batman has an extensive rogues gallery and a man of Serkis’ talents would surely help elevate this movie, no matter who he could wind up playing. That is, assuming Matt Reeves decides to give him a call when the time is right. This news comes to us courtesy of JoBlo.


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