Aquaman Movie Reshoots Add a New Character to the Mix

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We haven’t heard much about Aquaman lately, except for a false rumor in February that claimed the first trailer would debut during WonderCon. But now we finally have a new update. Director James Wan announced the cast addition of Randall Park in the DCEU superhero adventure as Dr. Stephen Shin. The director said he is, “so happy and fortunate to finally be working with this man” on “pickups” for Aquaman, while revealing this new character addition with the #DrShin hashtag. The director also shared a photo offering our first look at Park on the set.

Dr. Stephen Shin was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, making his debut in Aquaman Vol. 7 #2 in December 2011. Shin was a marine biologist by trade who befriended Arthur Curry’s human father Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), after Tom discovered his son’s incredible abilities. While Shin would help young Arthur Curry develop his powers as Aquaman, at one point in the comics, he threatened to kill Arthur, after he refused to disclose the secret location of the underwater city of Atlantis.

Since Randall Park wasn’t cast during principal photography, his role may have been created specifically for the reshoots, although there is no indication as to how large or small his role really is. If this movie follows the comics, then it would seem likely that Park will primarily be acting alongside Temuera Morrison and perhaps either Kaan Guldur or Otis Dhanji, who play Arthur Curry at the ages of 9 and 13, respectively. There is no indication yet as to how long these reshoots will last, although it seems unlikely that they will affect the December 21, 2018 release date.

Randall Park joins a cast that includes Jason Momoa as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna, Patrick Wilson as Orm the Ocean Master, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Ludi Lin as Murk, Yahya Abdul-Matee II as Black Manta and Michael Beach as Jesse Kane. There is no indication yet if there will be other new characters added as reshoots continue. James Wan is directing from a script by Will Beall, based on a story by James Wan and Geoff Johns.

This casting puts Randall Park in rare company, as one of the few actors to have roles in both a Marvel and DC movie. Before Aquaman hits theaters this December, Randall Park will be seen as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure Ant-Man and the Wasp, hitting theaters July 6. Randall Park also stars in the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, and he is also starring in the upcoming Flarsky, where he’ll reunite with Seth Rogen, his co-star from The Interview (where he played Kim Jong-Un), along with Charlize Theron, Andy Serkis, June Diane Raphael and O’Shea Jackson Jr. Take a look at the tweet below from James Wan Twitter, which confirms the casting of Randall Park as Dr. Shin in Aquaman.


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