Blake Lively Kicked Off Her 31st Birthday by Utterly Demolishing a Box of Cupcakes

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Whether it’s a trolling contest with husband Ryan Reynolds or a day of outfit changes, Blake Lively always goes all out. For her 31st birthday on Saturday (August 25), she celebrated in a reliably over-the-top way: The actress and fashion icon consumed the best part of a dozen cupcakes, possibly by herself.

On the morning of her birthday, Lively hopped on Instagram Stories to share a photo of a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles, a celeb-favorite cupcake outpost based in Beverly Hills. “Thank you, @sprinklescupcakes!” she captioned a photo of some admittedly delicious-looking cupcakes that spelled out “Happy Birthday Blake!”

PHOTO: Instagram @blakelively

Minutes later, Lively posted an after shot of her Sprinkles box. Where, just moments before, followers could once see a full box of cupcakes, there was utter wreckage: not a whole cupcake in sight.

She captioned the picture with a cheeky update: “Worked it,” she wrote.

PHOTO: Instagram @blakelively

We’ve got to hand it to Lively: There’s no better way to kick off a birthday morning than with a box of wonderful baked goods. We can’t say for certain whether Lively actually demolished the entire box on her own—she has Reynolds and their children to help out, after all—but we wouldn’t blame her if she did: Cupcakes are delicious, and, after all, it was her birthday!

This complete annihilation is just the latest entry in Lively’s history of social media shenanigans on her birthday. Last year, the actress celebrated her 30th birthday with a large dinner. But in signature Blake Lively fashion, she had a hilarious comment to mark the occasion: “My super sweet 16. …but like 14 years late,” she wrote.

Lively was otherwise pretty quiet on her social media accounts during her birthday celebrations this year—but we’ll be keeping our eyes out to see if Reynolds has any birthday wishes to extend—or if he just continues the wonderful tradition that is their birthday-related Instagram trolling.

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