Cops In Indonesia Are Known For Being Corrupt. See Why This Officer Is Becoming A National Hero

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Cops In Indonesia Are Known For Being Corrupt. See Why This Officer Is Becoming A National Hero

May 26, 2016

Police officers in Indonesia have a reputation for being corrupt.

But there are in fact some hardworking, honest law enforcers there as well, as evidenced by one officer from Malang, East Java, whose uplifting story is winning over the hearts of people across the country.

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58-year-old Bripka Seladi works two jobs. By day, he’s a traffic police officer, but by night, he scavenges trash to make ends meet.

The father of three has been a police officer since 1977. But for the past 8 years, he’s also been picking up trash and selling it to make money on the side.

“I saw that many people were picking up trash around my office. I thought, there’s money in this. If it doesn’t get picked up, the trash will mount. So I started doing it myself,” Seladi said.

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Seladi said he earns Rp 25K–50K ($1.80-3.67) a day from selling trash. He admitted that some people have mocked him, but he believes that it’s better to get his hands literally dirty by handling trash than getting them dirty by dealing in corruption.

“As long as what I do is halal and I’m serious about doing it, I don’t care about what people say. I know, there are those who mock me. In that case I’d say to them, ‘I can be like you (corrupt), but can you be like me?'” he said.

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Seladi’s son, Rizal Dimas, said he also wants to be a police officer and doesn’t need to look anywhere beyond his father for a role model.

“I’m not ashamed that my father is a police officer and also a scavenger. It’s an honest job. I’m proud that my father taught us about honesty,” he said.

We have the utmost respect for Seladi and we hope that his new found fame will inspire other police officers in Indonesia to follow his lead.

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