Deadpool 2 Review: Maximum Effort Brings Maximum Results

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Perfection is a tough thing to follow. But by more than one metric, that’s what Deadpool 2 had to do. Ryan Reynolds makes for the perfect Wade Wilson, Deadpool was the perfect way to introduce the character on the big screen properly (we’re still trying to forget X-Men: Origins – Wolverine) and the movie was a total crowd-pleaser that absolutely dominated at the box office. Maybe Deadpool isn’t perfect by every measure of scrutiny, but it was the perfect thing for the character. Deadpool 2 had the ridiculous task of living up to those expectations and I’m here to tell you, against all odds, they totally pulled it off. Deadpool 2 is totally awesome and, while it certainly isn’t a movie without flaws, it’s arguably the perfect sequel.

Deadpool 2 has been pretty clever about hiding plot details in its marketing campaign and there are a great many, excellent reasons for that. This movie is hiding a lot of awesome, super enjoyable surprises that could spoil the experience if one were to know them going in. So, I will only dive gently into the plot. Basically, Wade is taking out bad guys all over the world and enjoying his life with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). A tragic incident brings Wade into the X-Men fold which leads him to a special, powerful kid named Russell. Wade decides to help Russell, who becomes a target for the time-traveling mutant Cable (Josh Brolin). With the help of some new friends, Wade is going to have to pull out all of the stops, with some twists and turns along the way, to save Russell.

When the first Deadpool came out, people were excited, but it certainly wasn’t burdened by hefty expectations outside of the hardcore fanbase. The difference here is that the world now loves this character and expectations are incredibly high. But the creative team, which consists of Ryan Reynolds, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, along with director David Leitch, put in maximum effort on every level to make sure they wouldn’t disappoint anyone. Not only that, but they don’t just give the fans what they think they want. This movie goes in so many directions that you simply won’t see coming. It’s jam-packed with curveballs and shocking moments. Most of it is better than what one could have possibly imagined.

Sequels often suffer from trying to cram too much in and by focusing too much on upping the stakes. No doubt, the stakes are upped in Deadpool 2 in many ways, but the movie doesn’t suffer as a result. All of the new characters feel as though they have a distinct purpose and the ones who are important enough to warrant it are fleshed out in a satisfying manner. This movie, in a surprising manner, is also much more emotionally impactful and insightful than the first movie was. This is a sequel that is attempting to do a lot. Miraculously, all of the plates manage to keep spinning even though this movie is essentially daring that they are dropped.

It’s no secret that comic book movies are a lot more common than they used to be. We’re getting one every few months now and, even though superhero fatigue is probably in no danger of truly happening soon, it may be tough to get genuinely amped for each one of these movies like in years past, but this is something worth getting excited for. Deadpool managed to carve out a truly unique space within the genre and Deadpool 2 not only feels like going home in that same way, but it carves out an even more sizable chunk of real estate in regards to its uniqueness. No other comic book movies feel like this. Period.

One thing that the Deadpool franchise has going for it is the ability to be genuinely funny in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Humor belongs in this franchise and, as much as Deadpool 2 is thrilling and wholly entertaining, it is downright hilarious. In many ways, this could be a strong contender for the best comedy of 2018 just as much as it could be for the best comic book movie of 2018. Avengers: Infinity War certainly has something to say about that and, while I conceit that Marvel’s latest is a miraculous achievement in many ways that had an entire decade’s worth of expectation placed upon it, it’s hard to argue that any comic book movie released this year will be more entertaining than Deadpool 2, all things considered.

One thing is certain; both movies benefit greatly from having Josh Brolin on board. Cable is a character that X-Men fans have been dying to see for a long time and this movie delivers the goods in that respect. It’s a faithful and awesomely realized version of the fan-favorite mutant. Plain and simple, Deadpool 2 delivers in every way that those who are excited about the movie are expecting it to. It’s a home run. Also, for what it may be worth, this movie has what might be the single greatest post-credits scene in the history of post-credits scenes, so stick around for that. Fox has had their fair share of troubles with their superhero offerings in the past, but they’ve really found something special with this franchise. You want to have a good time? Go see Deadpool 2.


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