Full Solo Soundtrack List Hints at What the Movie Is Really About

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Solo composer John Powell has released the tracklist for the official score and it gives us some insight into the plot of the movie. Lucasfilm and Disney have done an excellent job keeping any secrets for Solo from leaking out, which has led to some division amongst the Star Wars fan base, which isn’t very hard to accomplish. That being said, there are many fans who are still trying to figure out just exactly what the spin-off movie will be all about and the soundtrack tracklist provides some clues.

The first track on the Solo soundtrack is “The Adventures of Han,” which was composed by the legendary John Williams. It’s believed that the soundtrack is organized chronologically like most Star Wars soundtracks have done in the past. This seems to be proven with song titles like “Meet Han” and “Corellia Chase,” with the latter being teased in the official trailer for the movie when we see Han and Qi’Ra in their speeder. This moment appears to open the film with a grand action chase sequence. The soundtrack for Solo also points to the Conveyex train heist taking place much earlier on in the movie than previously thought. It is not the big climactic ending set piece.

The marketing behind Solo: A Star Wars Story has been purposefully vague and it appears that it has been misleading as well. According to the Star Wars soundtrack, which will be released on May 25th, Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Rider gang will Show up in the first half of the movie during the train heist. Then the mysterious Nest character will also return towards the end of the movie, where we’ll likely learn whom she really is. There have been fan theories that believe Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra is really Enfys Nest, but nothing has been officially confirmed at this point in time.

It appears that Han Solo acquires the Millennium Falcon much later in the movie, and will follow more of the way that the iconic ship was won in the official Star Wars canon. The final track of the Solo soundtrack is called “Dice and Roll,” which seems to point at the Millennium Falcon being won through a dice game as opposed to the Sabacc card game that we have seen in previous promotional footage. The game in question could be called Corellian Spike, which involves cards and dice, could very well be the game where Lando loses the ship to Han.

Previous Star Wars soundtracks releases have been kept just as guarded as the movies after the track “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” appeared on The Phantom Menace tracklist well before the release of the movie, spoiling some of the plot. The track titles are purposefully vague for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but there’s still some intriguing bits of info hidden in the soundtrack. The movie premieres this week at the Cannes Film Festival, so some more information will be coming along shortly. Until then, you can check out the tracklist for Solo: A Star Wars Story below, courtesy of John Powell’s Instagram account.


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