Guardians Director Wishes Stan Lee Well After Elder Abuse Claims

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2018 has been a pretty rough year for Stan Lee and recent stories have been becoming more bizarre by the day. After another particularly weird week for the comic book legend, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to social media to wish Lee well. Gunn has joined a number of Marvel fans who have wished Stan Lee well over the course of the last few weeks. Director Kevin Smith even invited Lee to come live with him.

Last weekend, Marvel fans who attended the Silicon Valley Comic Con expressed their concern with Stan Lee’s health after he appeared to be very tired and out of it at the event. Videos and pictures from the event clearly show a different version of the 95-year old than we’re used to seeing. Fans accused his handlers of elder abuse and using Lee for money. To make matters worse, a new report surfaced this week alleging that Lee’s daughter C.J. is trying to take over the Stan Lee estate in a rather nefarious way.

These recent reports prompted James Gunn to post a picture of he and Stan Lee on the set with a touching letter to the comic book legend. While Gunn doesn’t go into specifics, he does reveal that he is concerned about Lee. Additionally, the director says that he will always be there for Lee. Gunn had this to say.

“My heart is with @therealstanlee right now. I hope he’s okay. I’ve heard a lot of disturbing reports lately about his care and hope he can live these late golden years with the dignity and respect he deserves, surrounded by love. I’m always here for Stan in any way he needs me. Just let me know.”

Included in recently surfaced report are allegations from Stan Lee that his daughter is trying to take over the estate and that he fears something is wrong. However, Lee released a video statement denying all of the rumors and even the report, that was signed off by him. Making matters worse, Lee’s phone number has been changed and all of his communication is filtered through others before it can even reach him. Stan Lee released another video statement denying the claims, and threatening legal action to those reporting the rumors.

James Gunn is a part of the Marvel family, so it’s more than a little concerning to see that he is worried about Stan Lee and his wellbeing as well. The same goes for Kevin Smith. These guys know Lee and have worked with him before, so it really seems that there’s some smoke, indicating a fire as far as Stan Lee’s wellbeing is concerned. Hopefully everything is okay, as Lee has declared. You can check out the latest heartfelt message to Stan Lee below, courtesy of James Gunn’s Instagram account.


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