Han Devotes His Life to Crime in New Solo TV Trailer

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The new TV trailer for Solo is the latest in the promotional campaign for the new Star Wars spin-off, and it features young Han devoting his life to crime. Additionally, Qi’ra is seen and heard questioning the young smuggler’s motives. The movie is now less than a month away from hitting theaters and like most Disney projects lately, there’s still a lot that remains a mystery about the Solo movie, which is beginning to catch some real excitement from fans.

Ever since Ron Howard took over Solo, he has been promising that Star Wars fans will be pleasantly surprised with the movie. However, hardcore fans are still skeptical about the young Han Solo, specifically Alden Ehrenreich’s abilities to fill the shoes of Harrison Ford. Howard has declared that Ehrenreich is doing his own thing with the iconic character and not simply doing an impression of Ford’s version of Solo. The latest TV spot shows off some new footage of Ehrenreich looking more and more like a young version of the famous smuggler.

We also get another view into the flirty ways of Donald Glover’s young Lando Calrissian as he says, “buckle up, baby,” in the new Solo TV spot. Glover’s version of the young Lando appears to be pretty flirty with males and females, which has led to speculation that he could be bisexual. These rumors have not been well received by Star Wars fans, but not much is well received from Star Wars at first anyway. While the movie and activities of its characters may not be popular now, it could become beloved in the years to come.

Even as Solo: A Star Wars Story rapidly approaches, there’s still mystery surrounding the villainous Enfys Nest. There seems to be some gender confusion at the moment. A French magazine named the character as female, but that was later debunked when a new description from an official Star Wars licensed magazine said that Enfys Nest is a male character. The matter was confused yet again when a new piece of official merchandise labeled the character as female. Logic would assume the Enfys Nest is indeed female, but nothing has been officially confirmed by Lucasfilm at the moment.

There’s been some pretty interesting theories about the identity of Enfys Nest as well. If the character is indeed a female, several Star Wars fans feel that it could be Qi’ra in an act of betrayal. Betrayal is something that is mentioned a lot in the promotional material for Solo, so it could very well be Qi’ra. Other theories have gone as far as to guess that Enfys Nest is actually Han Solo’s mother, which seems pretty out there, but who knows at this point. It’s a fun guessing game to play while we all wait for the movie to hit theaters. You can check out the new TV trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story below, courtesy of the official Star Wars YouTube channel.


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