Is Victoria’s Secret, Secretly A Satanic Cult Pushing Dark Influence On America?

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Up until recently the iconic Victoria’s Secret catalogue has been infiltrating the bedrooms of young men and women across America for decades. I always thought that this sexy catalogue was just inspiring the ladies to wear skimpy lingerie while tingling the nether regions of young fellas ogling their mom’s mail.  Yet a new conspiracy theory has emerged that suggests Victoria’s Secret is actually promoting the work of demons from the netherworld.

Angel or devil?

The theory making the rounds proposes that the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the team of models that appear in TV advertisements, walk the runway at fashion shows and tour the world in their bra and panties, are really part of a Satanic Cult hell bent on promoting Satanism through covert and subliminal means. If you thought being forced to wait for your lady to try on some bras at the mall’s Victoria’s Secret was hell on earth, turns out you might be right!

This guy is in boyfriend Purgatory and has no idea.

If the conspiracy theory is true this means household names like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum have served the Dark Lord in order to bring about the End Times Apocalypse. Need further proof? Just look at all the biblical and demonic imagery that goes into some of the getup (or lack thereof) that these women wear. Those “angel wings” are really meant to evoke demons like Baphomet, who in many depictions has female breasts… just like Victoria’s Secret models.

The real Victoria’s Secret model?

Baphomet was a deity originally worshiped by the Knights Templar and later used in the Witches Sabbath, a group of women accused of practicing witchcraft in the Middle Ages. An even more striking image is how closely Victoria Secret models recreate medieval depictions of hell. Some say this is giving fellow Satanists the message that the Antichrist is close to returning – and to BE PREPAIRED.

Still would.

Some guys scour the Victoria’s Secret catalogue in search of a rogue nip slip that made it to print. Conspiracy theorists comb through these sticky pages in search of hidden biblical imagery and messages. They say this is how the Victoria Secret Satanists communicate to one another and covertly prepare the populous for the arrival of the Antichrist. Looking at Victoria’s Secret models is like receiving a dose of chemtrails for the soul.

Have these dark angels have been sent to swoop up America’s youth in a frenzy?

While many in the media have criticized the fashion industry for promoting “unrealistic female body types,” there may be an even more sinister motive afoot. These “angels” – who should really be called demons, are purposely becoming too thin in order to expose their ribs, another biblical sign. According to the book of Genesis Eve and thus all women were created from Adam’s rib.

We are on to you.

The theory goes that in a weakened state of hunger, young women who espouse to be like the Victoria Secret Angels will not be strong enough both physically and spiritually to fight off demonic forces attempting to overpower them. This way the Satanists will be able to exude their will over the rest of humanity, one young woman at a time.

It’s not just the Angels. Just look at some of the imagery in recent advertising most notably the popular “Pink” campaign. For many colorblind folks the color pink is a hue that comes out “red”- the traditional color of Lucifer and hell. And by selling panties and garments branded with the label “PINK” the alleged Victoria’s Secret cabal is stamping the sign of the beast on millions of unwitting American consumers.


Another interesting fact Satan’s Panties Truthers connect is that the undergarment brand was founded in the late 1970’s in San Francisco, a city known for its New Age hippie movements and ties to the occult. In fact long before he and his followers “drank the Kool-Aid” Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple were headquartered in, you guessed it: San Francisco.

Others have pointed out the benefits of associating with the Victoria’s Secret Angels. In fact Leonardo DiCaprio went from a lowly child actor to an Oscar winning leading man after he began dating upwards of NINE different Victoria’s Secret models.  Interestingly enough his former Growing Pains costar Kirk Cameron later went on to be a devout Christian evangelist fighting against such sin. Maybe Cameron knows what is really going on with DiCaprio?

How could this happen otherwise?

So this brings up the question: what exactly IS Victoria’s Secret? Are they trying to keep the truth from us about a plot to ready America for the return of the Antichrist and The New World Order?  This brings us to the Break Poll!

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