Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 Poster Nukes the Trump White House

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Michael Moore isn’t messing around with the new poster for his upcoming Fahrenheit 11/9 documentary. The title is a reference to the 2016 presidential election and Moore isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the subject matter. The director boldly suggests that President Donald Trump is a tyrant, racist, and liar in the new poster, which also includes a nuked White House. Surprisingly, Trump has yet to comment on the upcoming documentary or the very unflattering poster that mockingly shreds his legacy as POTUS.

Just in case prospective viewers were unsure of the Fahrenheit 11/9 stance on Donald Trump and his administration, the new poster makes it abundantly clear. In addition to hinting that the President is a tyrant, racist liar, the poster also includes a very unflattering image of what we can only assume to be the president golfing, with a swing directed at the White House.The poster gets very tricky. It doesn’t actually show Trump, and it never outright claims to be calling the man all those words. Trump’s name is nowhere to be found on this poster, and that’s on purpose. But the imagery sells everything home a little too perfectly. The synopsis reads.

“Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 is a provocative and comedic times in which we live.. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f*ck did we get here, and how the f*ck do we get out? It’s the film to see before it’s too late.”

The first Fahrenheit 11/9 trailer was released last week, and it features neo-Nazi rallies all the way to the Flint water crisis. But the main target is President Donald Trump. In a recent interview, Michael Moore claims that Trump is an “evil genius” when it comes to manipulating the media. The director also states that today’s young journalists aren’t prepared to write about an “authoritarian” leader. Whatever the case may be, Moore is not happy with the current state of affairs.

Donald Trump has been in the news all week for starting a new feud with former ally Omarosa Manigault Newman. The former contestant on Trump’s popular show, The Apprentice, recently wrote a book about her time in the White House as a political aid for Trump and claims that she was fired for looking into tapes where the president had allegedly used the N-word on the set of The Apprentice. Omarosa released audio of her firing, which angered Trump, who ended up calling her an “animal” on social media.

Donald Trump may go down as the most divisive president in U.S. history, and Michael Moore is attempting to drive that point home with Fahrenheit 11/9. The documentary hits theaters on September 21st, just ahead of the November midterm elections and Moore is hoping that the movie will have an impact and get people out to vote. As to whether it will achieve Moore’s goal or not, that’s unclear at the moment, but the director is speaking his mind through his art in a very direct way. You can take a look at the new poster for Fahrenheit 11/9 below, thanks to Michael Moore’s website.

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