National Sex Day Should Replace Valentine’s Day

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It seems like there’s a day for everything: Nutella, ice-cream, hamsters, and tricycles. So why wouldn’t there be a day for humans’ most-beloved activity? No, we are not talking about soccer. It’s actually sex. That’s right, there is a National Sex Day.

How come this National Sex Day, a holiday to celebrate the most important activity known to mankind, is far less visible than traditional holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas? It might not be as popular (yet), but it’s up there with 420 and the May Fourth Movement in terms of perfect calendar placement. National Sex Day lands on a dirty number coupling: 6/9.

But National Sex Day isn’t as prominent as we would like it to be. It’s a booming industry just waiting to happen. Maybe sex shops owners will eventually turn the ninth of June into the new Valentine’s Day. Cities will honor the holiday with tiny genital decorations and instead of bringing your partner home a bouquet of flowers, you’ll bring them a bouquet of sex toys.

There are other erotic holidays out there, like National Send a Nude Day on May 19th. International Sex Workers Day is on June 2nd and National Orgasm Day is on July 31st.

Ultimately, National Sex Day can be as big of an ordeal as you want it to be. Try some new things, embrace a fetish, debut a sexy costume, or tell your partner to lube up the strap-on. The world is your oyster.


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