New Halloween Movie Is Reshooting the Ending?

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Halloween is getting some reshoots. Director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Stronger) is said to be heading back to Haddonfield for some additional filming on the upcoming reboot/sequel of the beloved horror franchise. According to a new report, these reshoots will primarily be used to address the movie’s ending, but the full scale and depth of these reshoots haven’t been revealed. Though, it’s being described as a “tweak,” which doesn’t sound too severe.

These reshoots come after a recent test screening was held for the new Halloween movie. Blumhouse then decided that it was best to revisit the ending, based on the reactions to the screening. Test screenings are held in order for studios to gauge audience reaction and to make changes that may be needed before the movie makes its way to theaters. Often times, we hear of rough test screenings and, by the time the movie actually arrives in theaters, it’s actually quite good. This to say, the Halloween reshoots aren’t necessarily something fans should be panicking about. On the contrary, reshoots are often responsible for making a movie much better than it otherwise would have been.

In years past, reshoots on a movie were typically a sign that something was very wrong. However, they have become such common practice that it’s actually a bit weird if a major production doesn’t have some level of additional shooting. On the extreme end, you have something like Solo: A Star Wars Story, where Disney and Lucasfilm brought in Ron Howard to reshoot something like 70 percent of the movie. By early accounts, that turned out alright, so the fact that Halloween is having what sounds like relatively minor reshoots isn’t a red flag in itself. That doesn’t mean the movie will definitely be good, but it also isn’t, in itself, damning.

It’s been nine years since we last saw Michael Myers on the big screen in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. This movie is going to take some serious liberties, as it will serve as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original. Sorry to you Halloween: H20 fans out there. Carpenter is on board as an executive producer and will provide the original score for the movie’s soundtrack. Jamie Lee Curtis also returns as Laurie Strode for the first time since Halloween: Resurrection. This time, Laurie isn’t just waiting around for Michael to kill her. Instead, she’s been anticipating and preparing for his return. This version has also apparently scrapped the idea of Michael and Laurie being brother and sister.

Some footage from the movie recently screened at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and the reactions to the footage coming in as mostly positive, with the promise of some big scares coming our way. It would be a shame if the majority of the movie is enjoyable and they can’t stick the landing. Let’s hope these reshoots do the job. Blumhouse is releasing the new Halloween on October 19. This news comes to us courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.


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