Remains of the Day: BitTorrent Sync Will Soon Be Called Resilio Connect

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If you’re looking to download BitTorrent Sync, the file-synchronization software that relies on peer-to-peer transfers instead of the cloud, you might think it’s vanished from the web. It’s not gone, it just has a new name.

  • BitTorrent Sync is spinning into its own company while BitTorrent Inc. focuses on online media. The new company is called Resilio and is headed by former BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker; Sync will continue development and will be rebranded as ‘Connect,’ reports Variety (though it’s still referred to as Sync on Resilio’s new site). BitTorrent Inc. will focus more on positioning itself as a source of legitimate media with new platforms like BitTorrent Live, as they try to shake their association with piracy. [Variety]
  • In other news, Microsoft just announced a new Outlook watch face for Android Wear. You’ll be able to quickly browse your schedule on your watch, see your recent emails, and do simple email interactions like archiving, deleting, or send prewritten responses when you tap notifications. It’s a literal watch face, meaning your Outlook calendar and number of unread messages will be on your watch at all times. [Office Blog via The Verge]
  • The TiVo Bolt can now stream video to mobile devices, with some restrictions. Some videos simply won’t be available for streaming if the content provider so chooses, you can only stream to one device at a time, and you can’t stream via cellular data on iOS, says The Verge. But you can also load videos onto your devices when connected to your home network. [TiVo]


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