Shia LaBeouf to Play His Dad in Biopic About Himself

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Lucas Hedges has signed on to play Shia LaBeouf in Honey Boy, which LaBeouf wrote, essentially making it an auto-biopic. LaBeouf wrote the movie under the pseudonym Otis Lort and will also act in the project, playing his own father. The mysterious project will tell the tale behind LaBeouf’s relationship with his dad James. Shia LaBeouf recently held a long interview touching on all of the aspects of his life, including Honey Boy, as well as revealing that rapper Kanye West stole a lot of his clothes.

The description of the script is pretty interesting, to say the least. Honey Boy will detail the relationship between Shia LaBeouf and his former clown and drug addict father, James. The descriptions reads, “A child actor and his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father attempt to mend their contentious relationship over the course of a decade.” The story will take place right around the time that LaBeouf was starring in Disney’s Even Stevens. This is a lot to take in, especially after LaBeouf once again publicly took a dump on Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg again.

While the announcement of Shia LaBeouf writing his own biopic sounds surprising, it really isn’t. The actor has been exploring his own fascination with himself as an art form for quite a while now. This the actor that set up an art installation that was simply LaBeouf sitting and watching his own movies, with a camera focused on his face. Some critics found it deep while others dismissed it as Shia LaBeouf smelling his own farts and trying way too hard to be edgy. Whatever the case may be, LaBeouf is going to explore his life through the eyes of his father next.

Alma Har’el, the promising filmmaker behind 2011’s Bombay Beach will direct Honey Boy, and is expected to push Shia LaBeouf, which the actor really wants. Let’s just hope he can take criticism better than he did during his art installation this time around. “Honey Boy” is reportedly the nickname that LaBeouf’s father gave him when he was a child actor, but other than that, it’s not clear exactly how far the movie will go into Shia LaBeouf’s life. It will more than likely not include any of the actor’s recent activity.

In other Shia LaBeouf news, he decided that he wasn’t going to trash Transformers again during a recent interview, but he quickly changed his mind. LaBeouf says that the movies “felt irrelevant” and when on to say that, “They felt dated as f*ck…” LaBeouf wanted to make more challenging films and namedrops some classic movies before saying, “you feel like it’s the antithesis of your purpose on this planet.” Now, these are some pretty big shoes to fill when you go on to release a movie about yourself. You can read more about Shia LaBeouf’s Honey Boy at Deadline.


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