Suicide By Social: Bride Cancels Wedding, Dumps Fiancé After Guests Refuse To Pay 60K To Attend

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Imagine someone so delusional that they expect friends and family to pay $1,500 to attend their wedding, simply so that they could “live like a Kardashian for a day.” Too odd to be true? Possibly not, based on a recent viral social media post.

The last time we saw a bride this heartless was last year when a woman left her fiancé in the cold while running away with $17k from his ‘bachelor party’ fund. This time, we have a woman who ran away from her husband-to-be just four days before the wedding because family and friends couldn’t afford to pay for her dream wedding.

The tirade was posted on Facebook and Reddit by a woman who claims to be the bride’s cousin. She said she wanted to “wedding shame” her after the wannabe bride blamed all her friends and family for failing to pay for her $60,000 wedding.

You can read the post here or below.

In a nutshell, she talks about:

Dumping her fiancé and canceling the wedding.

How she met her love at 14 where they worked on a farm together.

Saving $15k for a wedding, but wanted a more “extravagant blowout wedding.”

A psychic told them to go the more expensive route so “why the hell not?”

The need for $1,500 a plate in order to afford said wedding.

That’s right, they wanted to charge admission to their wedding. It’s all downhill from there…

Predictably, only 8 people RSVPd to the “exclusive” wedding.

“We sent out RSVPs, and only 8 people replied and sent us the check. We were f—ing livid. How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends?” the bride said. “Desperately, we resent our invites and asked people to donate what they could. I mean seriously people, what is $1,000? We also set up a GoFundMe.”

Instead, people gave them a Go-F-Yourself and only donated a total of $250.

The opus from hell ends with a rant sure to make any man run for the hills.

“How could someone who offered me THOUSANDS OF F—ING DOLLARS then deny me MY promised money and then tell me to shift down my budget???? She KNOWS my f—ing DREAM was a blowout wedding. I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal,” she wrote. “I called her a filthy f—ing poor excuse of a friend, and hung up.”

The post was allegedly up for just 15 minutes before the bride deleted it. So is it real? People on Reddit believe so, especially after the bride’s alleged cousin left a lengthy, detailed confirmation.

Josh’s Take

Weddings are stressful. They take a long time to plan, and they get expensive fast. But, obviously, trying to demand something from people that they don’t have isn’t only inconsiderate, it’s delusional.

This woman, if real, is like an onion, with dozens of emotional layers that need to be peeled back, psychoanalyzed and treated.

She’s thrown away not just her future husband but all of her family and friends over $1,500, which she exclaimed is “clearly not a lot” of money.

Two conclusions: I hope this woman gets the help she needs. And never, ever, Ambien and social media.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory. 


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