The Big Lebowski Fans Can Now Worship The Dude with New Religious Statue

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The Big Lebowski has become more than a Coen Brothers movie since its initial release back in 1998. Jeff Bridges’ performance as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski has created annual festivals dedicated to the film, bowling, smoking joints, and White Russians. There’s even a religion called “Dudeism,” which boasts itself as the “slowest-growing religion in the world.” Now, the Dude devotees can pray (or not) to a new religious statue of Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, and it’s pretty epic.

The Dude religious statue, aka the Dude Abiding Kit, is a 1:6 scale urethane resin model garage kit of the “Dude, Abiding.” The kit includes a custom printed rug (the original rug that tied the room together), a joint, and mini replica White Russian. The statue has four arms, with two holding the aforementioned accessories while the third and fourth arm hold a bowling ball. It’s really the perfect gift for any fan of The Big Lebowski, or maybe even yourself. Regardless, at $130, the statue is a steal, and should tie a room in your house together.

The Dude Abides statue comes in just plain white, which gives it more of a religious look, but owners can paint the statues if they feel like it. With the statue up in your home, you too can let the world know that you’ve got what it takes to take it easy and it probably means that you should become an ordained Dudeist Priest, which you can do for free. While the statues are currently sold out, the maker will more than likely make a new batch now that there is a bunch of people who would like to own a piece of The Big Lebowski history.

The Big Lebowski hit theaters in March of 1998 and didn’t set the box office on fire at the time. However, in the years since, the film, cast, and soundtrack have become cult legends. Some of the biggest fans call themselves “achievers,” while the hardcore have gone to the religious side to become ordained Dudeist Priests, who can actually minister over most religious ceremonies like weddings and funerals. The Los Angeles Times has even deemed the film the 10th best movie in history to be set in Los Angeles.

Fans of The Big Lebowski have gotten pretty creative over the years, and the Dude Abides religious statue is just more evidence of that. The quirky Coen Brothers film has created a culture of its own, one that Jeff Bridges and the rest of the cast embrace, often showing up to annual Lebowski Fests that are held in London, Los Angeles, and Kentucky. As for the Dudeist Priests, their website now boasts that there are over 450,000 of them worldwide, which is huge. As previously noted, the Dude Abides statue is currently out of stock, but some kind emails may see them return soon. You can head over to the DappledLightStudio Etsy store to get your hands on one.

The Dude Abides statue

The Dude Abides statue #2

The Dude Abides statue #3


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