The Witch's Black Phillip Is Getting His Own Funko Pop! Toy

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Fans of The Witch can now live deliciously thanks to Funko and their brand-new Black Phillip Pop! figure. Black Phillip is the secondary antagonist in The Witch, but he’s the biggest of the bad and the breakout star of the film. Spoiler alert: he is actually the assumed mortal form of Satan, who torments a Puritan Christian family, according to the villain’s Wiki. Ever since the movie debuted, Black Phillip was all that fans of The Witch could talk about, and now, they can own their very own version of the evil little goat.

The Black Phillip Pop! figure was recently announced by Funko and the company has revealed that you can pre-order the figure now. There is no firm release date, but Funko expects to have them out by August of this year, which is just in time for Halloween. The Black Phillip figure is featured with golden eyes, blood on his horns, and an apple. He’s also standing straight up to terrify you even further. This will be the perfect gift for any fans of The Witch.

The Witch director Robert Eggers was initially very surprised at the popularity of Black Phillip. He has said in the past that they tried to downplay the goat in the movie to make his importance that much more surprising in the end. Eggers won the best director award at the 2015 Sundance premiere of The Witch and notes that fans would stop cast members on the streets to rave about the 210-pound billy goat and quote his catchphrase: “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?” His fame has only grown over the years thanks to the strength of the movie and the goat’s performance.

In real-life, Black Phillip’s real name is Charlie. He lives on a farm in Northern Ontario, which isn’t very far from where The Witch was filmed. He has since retired and spends most of his days eating and walking around the farm, relatively unphased by his fame. Robert Eggers revealed that an animal trainer showed off a bunch of pictures of different goats, but Charlie stuck out because he looked the most like what he had in mind for Black Phillip. Apparently, he had the biggest horns that the trainer had ever seen on a goat.

On the set of The Witch Black Phillip, aka Charlie, was quite the handful on the set. According to Robert Eggers, the goat would sleep when they wanted him to perform and run around like crazy when they wanted him to relax. Additionally, he also had a fondness of ramming his co-star Ralph Ineson and even dislodged some of his ribs during one particular attack. Charlie became so unruly that a puppet had to be constructed since Eggers did not want to use any CG for Black Phillip. In the end, it all worked out and now Black Phillip has his own Pop! figure, which you can preorder from Funko.


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