This Illusion Is So Simple But No One Is Able To Figure It Out

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that can rattle the human brain. Take this photo for example. The illusion is actually pretty simple but apparently most of the internet is having a real hard time figuring it out.

The image depicts a man and a woman hugging, but it appears that the man’s legs are actually backwards, pointed toward the camera…even though his back is facing us.  And the same for the woman as well, only reversed. What the shit is going on here?!

Give it a look and see if you can answer the riddle.

E! News posted the image and it rattled their audience to their very core, totally bewildered why these two people who appear to have mutant backwards legs. Hey, at least they found each other.

Of course the illusion is quite simple. The guy who’s back is facing us is wearing shorts that give the illusion the woman in front of him is wearing white shorts. In reality, the guy has blue and white gym shorts on with lining that makes it appear like the woman’s leggy figure. Our favorite part is how many people think it was just a photoshopped image. Ah the internet. So young…so gullible.



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