Verne Troyer Gets Tearful Tribute from Austin Powers Co-Star Mike Myers

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Mike Myers appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke about his late Austin Powers co-star Verne Troyer, stating that he “misses him.” Troyer passed away on April 21st at the age of 49, shocking fans and his loved ones. Troyer had struggled with alcoholism and depression throughout his life and was taken to the hospital weeks before his death for alcohol poisoning. Mike Myers and Troyer worked together on two of the three Austin Powers movies, which skyrocketed both of their careers. Verne Troyer also worked again with Myers on 2008’s The Love Guru.

Fighting back tears, Mike Myers told Jimmy Kimmel that was “the most amazing thing. Verne was a fantastic human being.” Myers went on to talk about first noticing Troyer’s size. Although he was only 2′ 8″, his family never treated him like he was any different than anyone else in the family and held him accountable for doing things around the house like everybody else. Myers notes that at the end of the day, it was just Vern. He had this to say.

“Every day you see him, you go, Wow that is a small human. But by the end of the day, you just saw Verne. It just sort of went away. He was part of the cast and fantastic. I miss him.”

Vern Troyer wasn’t part of the original cast for 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. He didn’t show up in the series until 1999’s Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, playing Dr. Evil’s diminutive sidekick Mini-Me. Based on a character Myers became infatuated with in the 1996 flop The Island of Dr. Moreau, Mini-Me quickly became a fan favorite and returned in the final Austin Powers sequel Goldmember.

Mike Myers spoke about Verne Troyer’s comedic talents, noting that he was “a great comedian.” Additionally, Myers talked about what Troyer brought to the Austin Powers movies as Mini-Me. Myers explains.

“As written, Mini-Me is almost a prop. But he brought it up off the page, better than written. We just ended up giving him more and more stuff to do.”

Verne Troyer used to get asked about working as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies all of the time, and as it turns out, Mike Myers still does. The comedian and host of The Gong Show admitted that he still gets asked where Mini-Me is all of the time. Myers recalled a story about visiting the White House where President Barack Obama asked about Verne Troyer’s character. Myers says this.

“I went to the White House, President Obama’s White House, because it was a state dinner for Justin Trudeau of Canada. I went up and met President Obama and he said, Mike, so glad to see you. How’s Mini-Me? Then I met Trudeau and he said, Hey buddy, how’s it going? How’s Mini-Me?”

Mike Myers attended Verne Troyer’s funeral but he chose not to speak during the ceremony. While talking about the funeral, he noted that Troyer “died at 49. He wasn’t supposed to live past his teens.” And then noted that “You saw 150 years-worth of life in this photo montage,” recalling the slide show at the funeral. Mike Myers still clearly misses his old friend Vern Troyer, like all of his friends and family. Rest in Peace, Vern Troyer. You can watch Myers talking about Troyer below, thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.


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