What's Happening in the Jurassic World 2 Post-Credit Scene?

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has made its way into theaters and has revealed its many secrets. As those who were patient enough to discover, the movie does indeed have a post-credit scene. If you missed it or you just want a chance to dive into what that means for the franchise moving forward, we’re here to talk about it. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Warning: spoilers ahead for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. If you haven’t seen the movie, or if you missed the post-credits scene the first time around and want the chance to see it before knowing what happens, turn back now. The end of the movie results in dinosaurs being let loose all over the world. Many of them who weren’t sold at auction were let loose from the Lockwood Estate. Some that were sold at the auction were taken from the estate and shipped to various locations around the world. Then there’s the matter of the mosasaur, who escaped during the movie’s awesome cold open.

The final shot features Blue overlooking a residential area in the desert somewhere, with Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm saying, “Welcome to Jurassic World.” That wasn’t quite the end of it, though. At the tail end of the credits, we get a brief scene, and we do mean brief, of several pterodactyls landing on what looks like the Eiffel Tower. We say looks like because when the camera pulls back, we see that these dangerous creatures are actually at the replica version of the Eiffel Tower on the Las Vegas strip. Lots of poor unsuspecting gamblers are in for a nasty surprise.

This definitely means that Jurassic World 3, which has already been announced is being written currently, will pretty much be Planet of the Apes with dinosaurs in it. This has been theorized previously but there’s no escaping it now. The most bonkers, unhinged possible version of this franchise is coming to fruition. But is this post-credits scene from Fallen Kingdom just a fun (horrifying) tease, or is it very specifically getting at what we’re going to see in the sequel? Could it be that we’re actually going have Las Vegas be the main setting for Jurassic World 3? That seems less likely, but if they’re going to just go cranked-to-11 crazy with it, why not do Jurassic World: Vegas Vacation? Imagine the T-rex running down the strip at night. Picture a triceratops plowing through the lobby of the Luxor. Just double down on the ridiculous.

Looking at the more broad picture, there aren’t actually all that many dinosaurs left, that we know of anyway. While the rescue mission did manage to save the dinosaurs from going extinct, as the volcano wiped Isla Nublar off the map, the majority of the creatures died in the process. Still, man has the power to create more dinosaurs, should they so choose. This technology can no longer be contained, as Ian Malcolm points out. There’s also the matter of Isla Sorna, aka Site B, which was the focus of The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. The filmmakers decided to completely ignore it during the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and offered no explanation. Maybe there’s a reason for that?

In any case, this post-credits scene really hammered home what the third and likely final installment of this franchise is going to be. Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first Jurassic World and co-wrote this installment, is heading back to the director’s chair for Jurassic World 3, which Universal Pictures will unleash upon the world on June 11, 2021. Get ready for dinosaur planet.


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