Woman Buys Neighbor's Freezer, Unfortunately It Came With A Dead Body

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There’s a reason why most people tend to be a little gun shy when making friends with their neighbors. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep to yourself, but this woman was actually friendly enough with her neighbor to buy her freezer. Unfortunately the freezer came with a bonus gift in the form a dead body.

The woman who sold the freezer said that she was actually using it as a “time capsule” for her church. She asked her neighbor who purchased it to not open it until her church came to pick up whatever was inside. The new owner of the freezer obliged, never opening the freezer but when the woman’s church never showed up to take the freezer’s contents, whatever they were, she decided to open up the damn thing to take them out herself. That ice cream isn’t going to keep itself cold!

That’s when she discovered the freezer wasn’t being used as a time capsule. It was in fact used to freeze the neighbor’s dead mother!

The neighbor who is choosing to not reveal her face or identity to the press said that the woman who sold her the freezer seemed to have disappeared shortly after selling her the unit. In fact, she recalled not having seen her neighbor’s mother around since September.

“(She was) Just the sweetest lady. I mean quiet, kept to herself, stayed at home. Just unbelievable how she could just stick her mom in a freezer.”

A medical examiner confirmed that the body found was in fact the elderly mother who lived next to the woman who discovered her corpse. They also confirmed that she died of natural causes and that there seemed to be no signs of foul play. Why her daughter stuffed her in a freezer and sold the freezer to a neighbor remains to be unanswered.

What we do know however is how much the woman sold her freezer and her mother’s corpse for exactly: Only $30. Soooo back to my whole thing about not being too friendly with your neighbors. I’m sticking with that.




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